NASA is waiting because Mars InSight is a & # 39; coming ashore


AFP / Tampa, SA

NASA is in the countdown for Mars to launch on Monday, the Mars InSight survey, which costs 993 million dollars and its dollars. The first one who is able to listen to a earthquake and analyze the work inside a rocky planet.

The unmanned spacecraft was launched almost seven months ago and has traveled around 482 million kilometers. Part of his mission is to report on the efforts to bring some human explorers to their red planet, which NASA hopes to achieve in the 2030 decade.

A look like how the ship fell on Mars.
Photograph: AFP / NASA / JPL-CALTECH

This is the route to Mars from the beginning of 2012, when NASA Research research came on the surface of the ground and analyzed the rocks for life signs that could be to & # 39; living in the planet beside the Earth, is now quick and dry.

InSight needs to live with the hardest access in the air; red planet, traveling at a distance of 19,800 kilometers per hour and speed reduction rapidly just eight kilometer per hour.

Entry, sequencing and touring starts at 7:47 p.m. GMT Monday. Half jokingly, NASA describes this level at six and a half minute limits.

Out of the 43 campaigns launched to Mars, only 18 have reached their red planet, a 40% successful level, and all came from the United States. He is going to Mars very tough, said Thomas Zurbuchen, a related administrator of NASA Mission Science Guides.

The interesting part is that we build on the success of the best team that has come to our company. This planet, which is the NASA team with its contractors and their colleagues.

The InSight name comes from a search within a & # 39; using seismic studies, geodesy and heat transport. The spacecraft will stop at about one meter, and once a & # 39; The sun panels are used, it stretches almost six meters.

The site that includes NASA's Mars InSight.
Photograph: AFP / NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU

With its full fuel, InSight focuses more than 360 kg, almost the same as Harley Davidson's motorcycle. A seismometer found by a Spanish Spaniard (CNES) is a whirlwind that finds its main instrument. This is the only focus on a foreign business instrument, said Jean-Yves Le Gall, president of CNES.

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