NASA Juno put Jupiter in 2011. He received artwork


The statues were built by the spaceship on its 16th time closed on October 29, NASA said.

A nice tropical concern has just gone over the Great Spot Spot Jupiter & # 39; and it appears in its orange logo in this series of textiles; enhanced colors by NASA.
Juno traveled for years, not to reach Jupiter until July 2016. The spacecraft was launched so scientists could explore the writing and development of Jupiter and are happy with the they got. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the planet is the largest in the solar system.

"The general theme we find out is how different Jupiter opened from what we expected," said Scott Bolton, a leading publicist, Juno inspector, from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, when the first images were published at a & # 39; Last May. "This is a close and personal view of Jupiter. We thought it was inward and very attractive. Everything we found was something like that."

    The appearance looks white-white

Cloud color clouds in this photograph are clouds in the Northern Jupiter Heat Territories, NASA said.

And just like clouds over here on Earth, people look for them in shapes.

NASA got the game going.

But others were very good to continue with comments from squid to bird.

do not eat!

There are still no air or superman reports. But NASA made images that are clearly the pod of dolphins.

NASA said that December 21th will highlight Juno's mainstream data collection point. So we hope to make the images worse on the way, and a Sabbath may lie in the future to look out of the # 39; park to an outdoor place.

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