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Last November, the puzzler put down the Mars but since last month he has still stood up to the surface. According to scientists working on the mission, the experiment was heat from getting into the surface of the planet. Tilman Spohn, from the German Aerospace Center who is working with the NASA, acknowledged that they are still not sure about what has put the screening down from drilling.

According to Mr Spohn, the team use the robotic arm to support a structure in the rover to see if the “mole” sticks out.

But the team must be very careful because Mr Spohn admitted that he must first consider "carefully".

If it is deep enough, also say that the experiment could be continued through the barrier.

Mr Spohn said: “I think what we can do to continue hitting and seeing if we are going through that level or not. ”

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Unfortunately for the NASA team, as they were drilling with a test device that was taken out of hard rock and therefore permanently submitted.

The team allowed the test to find heat flow in the planet's bark early in its mission, the “mole” as it was called, came under a problem.

He said: “At about 30 centimeters of depth we met something

“We have not yet identified it as a harder layer of spgolith or rock. ”

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After someone has applied to the surface, the seismometer was reintroduced between the stones which the team has considered.

Because he was torn up and excavated, the crochet was unable to move.

Although the test was submitted on the surface of the planet, the moving image has evolved from the Red Planet.

Speaking recently, Don Banfield, head of service in InSight, said: "It gives you a feeling that you are visiting a foreign place. T

“Mars is very familiar with Mars which is still very different from those on Earth.” T

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