NASA Rover will capture a wide range of area & # 39; Hall Hall Hall


NASA's interesting story on Rover has been brought back to the ground. This fascinating dramatic picture of Mars is called Rock Hall. & # 39;

A film from Mars's surface shows many excavated holes that created the rover on a rocky ridge and red planet after spending over a year of research.

The clip recorded on 19 January, which shows more of a rocky land, red planet.

According to the group, the rover had a strong signal of hematite, a very common iron mineral that often was made in water.

A member of the Abigail Fraeman science team said: "We leave with a different look of the ridge than our ones."

The video that is shared online by NASA also includes images of # 39; The premiere of the rover on the Gale Crater floor.

It is a new center of the rover center due to & # 39; There are rocks that are said to have a mineral wood – mineral clay and that it could give scientists more knowledge of the ancient lochs that were present in the Gale Crater.

Information project scientist Ashwin Vasavada, said: "As well as identifying a previous wet environment, it is known that clay minerals will be captured and stored Organic beads.

"That makes the area particularly promising and the team is already reviewing the area for the next drill site".

Last year, the NASA rover landed on its red planet.

InSight will cost two years to analyze part of Mars that we know the person who wants – the deep inside.

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