NASA, SpaceX is looking to launch Dragon Team caps to ISS


The SpaceX Team Dragon captain will be preparing ahead of an unsafe test plane.


Delays and companion spaceships are close. NASA has restored the service's date for the Crew Dragon's SpaceX Demo-1 test airplane several times ago, but new information is made clear as it could take 2 March to take time.

NASA Share details on the Wednesday mission, including a start-up target of 11:48 a.m. Pacific. "The unsafe test trips are the first time that an American-American rocket will be commercially built and used and a spacecraft designed for people going to the space station , "said the group.

The Dragon's Capsal builds up the team with the help of Falco 9 rocket and comes to the International Spey Center. It is scheduled to be at the ISS on March 3 early in the morning. Although no one is aboard, it will be supplied with a 400-crew supply and equipment.

SpaceX has been ready to run on its & # 39; mission for a good time. An Capsal and Falcon 9 already on screening at the Canadian Spanish Center in Florida. Tweeted SpaceX drama drama drama fire on January 24, back when it was still focusing on a box in February.

The Dragon Crew is set to hang out at the ISS for five days and then return to search examples of Earth's behavior. If everything goes well, the capsule comes back to the Earth's atmosphere and land in the Atlantic Ocean to revitalize it.

NASA TV will include events that have a " Start on February 22 and continue until March 2 if there is no further delay.

Mark the Dragon Crew show a huge milestone NASA Commercial Team Program, which appears both SpaceX and Boeing are working to re-enter the US soil. NASA has been visiting the street on the ISS on the Soyuz Russian sparrow.

If a Dragon goes out of the flight test accidentally, It could then be cleared to enter astronauts into space as early as mid-2019 and its; New start date in American space phones.

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