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NASA is trying to take "the next big jump in deep research" because it's Looking to put obstacles to the moon that is capable of staying there.

The organization's administrator, Jim Bridenstine, has asked American companies to help develop human life craftsmen – "renewable systems for astronauts for landing on a" moon "- as he said scientists had been ordered by President Donald Trump and his Congress to return to the moon for the first time since 1972.

He said that NASA was trying to put "the moon to the moon and finally to Mars and further afield" and that it was an "exciting time to run a program American space ".

"As NASA's lifelong assistant, I am delighted to talk again about placing people on land on the moon," he said, a & # 39; write in the OZY online magazine. "But some say we're returning to the moon that we'll do as we've done 50 years ago.

Buzz Aldrin was the second one who had a & # 39; walk on his moon
Buzz Aldrin was the second one who had a & # 39; walk on his moon

"I want to be clear – that is not our vision. We are going to the moon with new technologies and new systems to explore more places on the surface than we were thinking about We may have this time, when we go to the moon, we will stay. "

Mr Bridenstine said plans would be coming forward next week when business partners are going to have a " visit NASA headquarters to talk about lunchtime craftsmen, who can help to "maintain a stable, human presence outside the Earth's shape".

He said: "That starts with a stand-in – a lunar lighthouse designed to make sure that there are safe passageways to the surface of the moon and back home.

"The Gateway is the home site for its first backup system of people that can be reused."

NASA hopes that warriors will spend more time over the moon next time
NASA hopes that warriors will spend more time over the moon next time

The space agency has already established agreements with nine companies to send goods to its; moonlight and they hope to design designers that bring astronauts back to Earth satellite surface.

NASA hopes to take the moon once more "within the next decade".

Niall Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were born to & # 39; first people who turned the moon in 1969. A total of 12 people have taken the pond on the land, with the last two – Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt – a & # 39; made the tour in 1972.

Mr Bridenstine said: "More than two thirds of Americans today have even lived to serve the six successful Apollo moonways, including one.

"It was as spectacular as they were, for many of the moon trips as facts from history books or stories that older relatives tell.

"Unlike Apollo, this time we will go to the moon to stay, and from there we will give the next big boom in deep research."

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