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At the peak of the Spanish Pool, the United States and the Soviet Union placed a wild leg on the surface of the moon, which incorporated nearly 20 spaceships quickly on its surface; moon between 1966 and 1976, including the six a & n; beta by NASA Apollo.

But after the last endeavors, it was virtually not proven by a proven Soviet probe that brought back six lane ships, the closest neighbor at Earth. The people and politicians lost interest.

Although the orbiter has occasionally been launched to investigate the moon since then, over 42 years, there was only one combat boat; move softly on the surface of the moon: Chang 3 in 2013.

Eighth continent

However, the moon, which is a " describes the eighth continent, again the center of a renewable space race, such as the good Hollywood revival, with a new character of characters and new storylines.

The rise in China, which came on a spacecraft on the far side of the moon on September 3rd, was a historic first place. This month, an Israeli spacecraft has been lost for its & # 39; moonlight recorded from Cape Canaveral, Florida. If successful, Israel would make the fourth country, after the United States, Russia and China, to bring spaceboards on the surface of the moon.

Later this year – the 50th anniversary of the first moon in the Apollo geology – two other moon missions are designed, with India and another, with China. On Thursday, NASA's Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, said the space agency expects partnership with the private sector to collect an American spacecraft on its website. moon as early as this year.

"It's important that we get back to the moon as soon as possible," he told reporters. "We're going to go to targets."

A record setting

If that route is successful, he would send a record: the softest ponds in one year, dating across 1966 and 1972, which each saw three cars down. (At the beginning of the Spanish era, many of the spacecraft came to an end into the moon.)

Trump administration says that returning to the moon is a priority. And NASA announced this month a plan to develop spacecraft capable of bringing people to the surface of the moon by 2028. That's an important step, NASA says, in the presence of a presence permanent on and near moon.

"This time, we'll go to the moon, we're going to live," said Bridenstine. "We're not going to leave banners and footprints, and then come home, not to go back for another 50 years."

As with the Spanish Race during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the new white work is surrounded by national pride and an attempt to discover science in a large competition in countries, especially with China.

Guided by greed

However, unlike Apollo's age, this Spatial Century is steered by a third factor: Greed. Increasingly, the number of corporate technologies and wealthy supporters has a growing number of corporations. Following a dream dream that a good business can be built on the moon and deep place by doing it; extracting the metals and resources on the surface of the moon.

Although the economy of self-sufficient lunar mining may be much less than a chimera, moon that attracts investors and researchers like the promise of the West American. As a result, there are a number of companies who have been waiting for ponds to come up with plans for spacecraft; gone to the moon in the coming years.

They are attracted by "the gold prospector who goes out to San Francisco [1849], "Ellen Stofan, director of the National Museum of the River and Spain, said." Is there a real economic cause to go? Has introduced a new series of companies. This speech is all in the economy of a new space. "

However, it is incredible that it's time to come sooner. "Is there a profit reason yet?" Stofan said. "I would argue that there seems to be no one there. But change me there will be something. But is that in 20 years? Is it in 50 years?"

Moon center

Like the West once, there is a long and dangerous place. During the 2012 campaign, Newt Gingrich founded a moon foundation proposal and was disbanded. Even the most optimistic will leave many businesses to & # 39; Failure – a number of them already – their error rating is just a bit less than a siren song.

Spaces, in particular deep space, are still a large part of governments, not just a few companies. If other nations are scared to exceed the demand for knowledge that has moved space research, it is still clear that even commercial business can only be maintained.

But that does not stop the most impressive ones from being able to. try.

The economic one is the problem. It is very expensive to get to the moon, and it is not easy to break free from Earth's problem.

Power through

To do so, rockets need a lot of branding. The Saturn V rocket was the "Apollo" warrior that opens to his / her; moon is a great standing. At 363 feet, it was higher than the Liberty image. But most, b & # 39; he was a tailor. As it stood, full portion, on its launch button, 85 per cent of its majority of passengers. The same as space spoon. In fact, most shell rockets have to make the fuel; It must be preserved to create the great power to go to a hill. Compared to just about 40% of car rental.

To get into the moon and back, V Saturn was not needed but enough fuel to get to the moon, but also enough to get home.

It's going to have a place like a tour of the country but not gas stations. You need to take all of your fuel.

As it appears, fuel is on a water-shaped moon. Its elements, can use hydrogen and oxygen as a rocket, and that is why many describe water as a "solar system oil". Water is a valuable resource that's moonlighting "gas station in the sky" and "Change the economy" in terms of accessing resources on the moon, said Richard Richards, co-founder and Head of Moon Express, who & # 39; the development of lunchtime craftsmen.

Anyone who wants the water at the moon poles could have an important benefit. That is one of the reasons why Bridenstine said NASA was moving with difficulty.

"We've seen the amount of international interest in particular parts because it can benefit from geo-regulatory," he said. "It's our interest to make sure that we are represented there as soon as possible".

Celestial mining

This is not the first time that crackers have gone away from ownership over the causes to go to; mining squares in space. Goldman Sachs wrote in the 2017 note to investors that space mining could be more rational than the idea, "and that the use of water as a" change-game "fuel.

U.S. Company Planetary Resources Awarded It would be "a leading provider of facilities for people and materials in space through its goal of identifying, dragging and designing resources from asteroids near Earth."

For years, Planetary Resources were the biggest support they had. performance, with support from the Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and James Cameron, the filmmaker. Then the funding dried up. The company started to & # 39; selling all types of equipment, from 3-D filters to folded chairs. Last year's last year, its company was sold, and # 39; Finishing a robot that was seen as an amazing story.

Then the Lunar X X Prize. To help with the start-up of a commercial lunchtime business, and to take it free from the government, the competition awarded a $ 20 million prize to the team that could give spells a spell on it; moon first, travel up to 1,640 feet on the surface of the moon and back back live video S-

Last year, the date for the competition came and went. One team did not make the moon.

And Google moved the money prize.

Rory's moonlight

But NASA is logged in to & # 39; moon, and even put more money on her & # 39; board.

Mail & # 39; The first function of the National Recovery Spaces Council is led by Former President Mike Pence to return to the moon in partnership with the private sector. NASA recently adopted its first step by nameing nine chosen companies to compete to convert science tests to the surface of the moon, with the aim that they would come ashore as soon as it was this year . He is involved in the $ 2.6 billion Commercial Lunar Commercial Program over 10 years.

In addition to those small people, their space company is Looking for a spacecraft that can bring people to the surface as part of the plan to what it wants to be built as a spacecraft that would stay in it; moon. In an earlier recital in February, he called on space companies to build farms who were able to take flight astronauts to the surface by 2028.

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