NASA will capture the closest picture of the Sun


NASA has adopted so far the closest image of the Sun to better understand how the star works.

The photo was taken by the Solar Parker survey, which was approximately 27.1 million kilometers from the sun's surface at that time. That is, the test is about 214 million kilometers closer to the star's surface than Earth.

The closest picture of the Sun

Its plain Meadow can be seen as a clear mills in the middle of the image. In addition, the solar material is close to the real-functioned solar-like solar regions that jump through the image.

Singers hope that Parker's confidence can provide valuable data to help them to understand the secret processes that they have; happening in our Sun.

When the mission of the study was designed, scientists to address three important questions related to heliophysics: how is the external environment a? sun, corona, heat up to 300 times higher than the surface shown below? How does sunshine accelerate so fast at such a high speed? How are some of the most animated items moving away from the sun at more than half the light of the light?

The vessel is named after Eugene Parker, an American astrophysicist who was supposed to have sunshine first in 1958 and the only surviving NASA mission.

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