NASA will have a green day on Mars … Oh


Green Day away from "Case Basket" to a space case … in a way.

NASA's Insight Lander, who has now officially been officially on Mars's "Red Planet" after traveling through space from May 5, Taking a skirt with the "Green Day Since 1986" fish that inspired the amazing punk crew to tell them on Twitter They started officially on Mars. "A picture of the skirt is shown below.

"Today, we have successfully launched Mars for the eighth time in the history of people," NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine (through CNN). "InSight will explore inside Mars and it will provide us with valuable science when we are preparing to send obstacles to Mars and later to Mars. This performance is a dynamic American production and our international partners, and is a constantly demonstrating commitment to our team. The best of NASA is yet to come, and It's going to come soon. "

The InSight (Internal Investigation using Seismic Studies, Geodesy and Heating Transport) Lander does two years on the surface of the planet; Collection of data after his trip 301,223,981 miles through the cosmos. The laird sent a picture of Mars back to NASA as shown below.

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