NASA will open 2019 with historic flight



NASA test was sailing over Tuesday the most absent contemporary body You have never learned, Ulma Thule; Solution of the solar system that allowed it to be discovered how the planets were created

"Come New Horizons!", Alan Stern, a clan chief scientist, said how many people were broken into an euphoria at the Laboratory John Hopkins of Active Autism in Maryland at 12:33 PM (0533 GMT) when the focus of New Horizons was to guide his cameras to create that rocky creation to 6,400 million kilometers from Earth.

"It's not been successful in something so far away"said Stern.

The 900 image probe should be collected in a second travel around 3,500 kilometers.

"Now wait until you reach the dataIt's a matter of time, "said spokesman of the John Spencer project.

Scientists know about 10 H00 (15 GMT GMT) that Ultima Thule has been successful in questioning.

It is not possible to have live images of the probe, because at that time It will take more than six hours for a mark from Earth to reach New Horizons, and the same thing until he returns. But if everything goes well, the first images of Ultima Thule Land arrives in the town next three days.

Purpose of this purpose to understand how the planets were createdStern explained.

"This is so cool it is preserved in the original form"he said.

"Everything we will learn about Ultima (it will insert, geology, how it was created, whether it's satellite or the atmosphere) let us know about it the conditions that only create the system's aimsr, "he said.

– Be careful by speed –

Ultima Thule is in town Links, a big dash that goes back to when creating the planets sometimes call on aircrafts "barn" of the solar system.

Scientists do not know whether it's a contemporary body, which was found in 2014 by the Teileascop Space HubbleIt is round, long, or if it's the same or all the subject. It is also uncertain what size, but it is estimated It is about 100 times smaller that the planet pluto Pluto.

To prove this, they decided to submit hitting New Horizons for inspection after being successfully launched in 2015, nine years after its launch, its main objective: to put real-life images of Pluto on Earth.

This time "we will try to get images of Ultima With three more resolutions more than the pictures of Pluto"Stern definition". If we get it, it's amazing. "

But the intent is dangerous. New Horizons traveled to a 51,500 kilometer ceilidh cruise And at that speed if you hit a fragment, grain size would have been destroyed now. If everything goes well, however, the probe reaches 3,500 km from the surface of Ultima and it flew over the 14 kilometer distance second.

– Island away –

Ultima Thule has a name long island of medieval literature. "It means & Thule & # 39;, beyond our world-wide borders, which combines research outside the Kuiper belt, "said a group spat in a statement.

Found in the 1990s, this belt It is about 4.8 billion kilometers from Sun, past Orbit Neptune, a planet and a # 39; away from the solar system.

"Rehistoric boundaries", said Hal Weaver, scientist, of the American University of Johns Hopkins.

"We've finally reached the solar system boundaries", it is pleasing. "These things are from the beginning and we believe they have not changed.

Despite that part of federal administration, due to the struggle between President Donald Trump and the Democratic challengers about financing his / her. wall on Mexico border, NASA, which is dependent on federal funds, had promised to keep her acting.

His administrator, Jim Bridenstine, has also promised news of another study: OSIRIS-REx, which will be placed in an orbit around the San Silvestre night setting of the asteroid.

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