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One NASA Research over on Tuesday Most celestial body far away from the study, Ulma Thule; remnants of the solar system that would allow them to find out how the planets were created.

"Come New Horizons!", scientist Alan Stern said the number of people broke into the euphoria at Laboratory Johns Hopkins of Applied Physics in Maryland at 12.33 AM (05.33 GMT) when the probe of New Horizons led his camera to the creation Spacious rocky at 6.4 billion kilometers from Earth.

"It's not been successful in something so far"said Stern.

The 900 image probe should be collected in a second travel around 3,500 kilometers.

"It is currently waiting until the data can only reach a long time," Deputy Project Leader, John Spencer said.

Scientists know about 10.00 GMT (15.00 GMT) Ultima Thule has been successful in questioning.

It is not possible to make living images of the survey, because at that time it will take more than six hours to reach a mark from Earth to reach New Horizons, and another to return. But if everything goes well, the first image of Ultima Thule will come to Earth in the next three days.

The purpose of this mission is to understand how planets were created, Stern explained.

"This is so cool and it's still an original form," he said.

"Everything we will learn about Ultima (it will insert, geology, how it was created, whether it's satellite or the atmosphere) let us know about the situations that created solar systems, "he said.

Be careful about distance

Ultima Thule is located in the Kuiper zone, a big disk that is goes back to time to create the planets that radiators want "sunset" of the solar system.

Scientists do not know whether that contemporary body, which was found in 2014 with the Hubble Space Teileascop, to be accurate, long, or if it's the same or all the subject. They are not sure what level they have, but it is a & # 39; It is estimated that it is about 100 times less than the pluto pluto Pluto.

To prove this, we decided to set out its New Horizons detection for its succession in 2015, nine years after its launch, its main objective: extremely detailed images Pluto on Earth.

This time "we'll try to get images of Ultima three times more precisely than the pictures of Pluto", and # 39; explains Stern. "If we get it, it's amazing."

But the intent is dangerous. New Horizons will travel to & # 39; 5,500 ceilidh kiln ceilidh and at that time if you hit a fragment, the grain size will be destroyed now. If everything is done well, however, the probe will reap 3,500 kilometers from Ultima's surface and fly over the 14km short distance at the second place.

Islands for a long time

Ultima Thule names the name of an island of long-standing medieval literature. "It means Thule &, beyond our known world boundaries, which combines research outside the Kuiper belt," said & Spatiality in a statement.

Made in the 1990s, this zone is about 4,800 million kilometers from Sun, past Orbit Neptune, and planet longer than the solar system.

"It's a cooling boundary," said Hal Weaver, a scientist at Johns Hopkins University.

"We have finally reached the boundaries of the solar system," it gives it a trust. "These things are from the beginning and we believe they have not changed.

Despite being & # 39; some of the federal authorities were closed, as a result of the struggle between President Donald Trump and the Democratic challengers to fund his / her; wall with Mexico, NASA, which is dependent on federal funding, has promised to continue working. .

His administrator, Jim Bridenstine, has given an additional commitment to another review: OSIRIS-REx, which goes into the orbit around the San Silvestre night setting.

Photograph: AFP.


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