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NASA InSight probe safely started on Mars Monday after a seven-minute illness. The robot has now gone out and restored his first image of her opinion on her face; Red planet.

Mail & # 39; The first image that came back to a Mars scene with fish. Fortunately, Martian's surface again took a picture in a better definition, not to be heard with my cap and the dust that was made for such a first idea.

The confirmation is currently sitting on the Elysium Planitia, a wide range of NASA's name added to "The largest car park on Mars." The machine's heat shield, paranutut mountaineers and rockets helped its machine; craft landing was very simple, and they have gone into the bathroom; Red Planet travels faster than the fastest return leaflet on Earth, first attempt since 2012.

The device does not cost all its mission to & # 39; affecting the landscape's pics and autodes, but instead it will end up baseline research within the deep inside of its; Red Planet – the same planet as well as Earth that learned this way.

The message was to confirm the device on its solar panels, which are essential for lifelong life; , seven times after the recycling by the Marco A and B, who gave information about the mission when they were doing it; stretching.

"After the entire data has been returned from InSight as long as the entry, stretching and closing (EDL) series is very interesting – you can not see before you show a picture of almost 4,700 miles from Mars, about 10-15 minutes after EDL itself, " Ambassador Marco Chief Andy Klesh explained.

The InSight mission has three main aims: to use British-British seismometers to measure one "Marsquakes"; launch a German "German" memorandum which takes 16.4 feet (five meters) down to take certificates from the planet: and use third wave of radio waves to find out how Mars is hitting axis.

"If you add raw egg and cooked egg and you will surrender them, they will move differently due to the spread of sails inside. And today we do not know the -defore, if the cross of Mars is lucky or hard, and how big is that heart. InSight gives us this information, " Project Engineer Suzanne Smrekar said.

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The exciting time was realized and Mission Control staff could then breathe a sneaky sigh and NASC was also shared:

NASA Lands InSight on Mars

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