NASA will respond to criticism after 100% of female episode ig elsiglocomve stopped


NASA itself protected Wednesday from the taxis of making sexes to decide that they had destroyed the spacecraft of its female astronauts, saying it was the result of a lack of clothing.

The space group revealed yesterday on Monday that the horse had goneInternational Space Station (ISS) On Friday for Friday's final maintenance, he would consist of Christine Koch and Nick Hague, replacing Koch and Anne McClain, who is currently the two women on board, a team of six.

a & # 39; The ISS account is one and the most comprehensive This type of space path can be used, and the two women realized that both were needed. Anne McClain He confirmed that M was a lot better than the L after it had come into place on 22 March.

The departure McClain-Koch it would have been like this its first 100% female tour after 200 since 1998, and t NASA He stressed the importance of this moment.

Abolition being forced on people to feel out of places and teensHe saw little preparation for him NASA as the legacy of decades of male control, especially as the space body looks closely at every detail from the campaigns, and preparing to return to the Moon by 2024.

"Take another suit"said the Democratic president Hillary Clinton inner Twitter.

Take McClain asked NASA to apologize: "This decision is based on my suggestion," he sent in Wednesday. "We should not take risks if that is not possible. The safety of the team and the implementation of the mission are always a priority. '

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