NASA will return people to their moonlight: this time we will live


NASA plans "the next major spell in the sparse search" – will send a & # 39; A group of concerts to wait for a long time, announcing Sky News.

Space Agency's Director Jim Bridenstine has supported American companies to help NASA adapt capability development by people for renewable activists on their mobile phone. Moon as, as he said, President Donald Brief and Transport on scientists have stopped for a green light on her; Moon for the first time since 1972 Post-

According to Mr Bridenstine, NASA plans to send people to "moon and then to Mars and further afield". Bridenstine makes NASA a joy and is proud of her role as "an American American Program Management".

"As a NASA permanent supporter, I'm happy to talk about sending people on her moon. Some think that she is returning to her & # 39; moon that means doing the same 50 years ago, "wrote Bridenstine in the # 39; OZY newspaper.

"I want to make it clear – this is not our vision. We travel to its moon with new technologies and innovations to explore larger areas than ever before. , when we travel to the "Moon", we'll stay there, "said NASA leader.

According to Mr Bridenstine, plans to launch the launch of the Moon next week, when business partners will be able to " visit NASA headquarters, where they talk about tools to go on and off; Moon to help "a stable people outside the Earth" seat.

"This goal begins with the" Gateway ", a round-around station that will provide safe landmarks to move to the surface of their moon and return home to Earth "The Gates" will be the basis of the first multi-confidential distribution of humanity transmission on the Moon, "said the head of the organization.

NASA has already made preparations with 9 companies for transport trucks to its Horizon, and hopes to create devices that allow solvents to be grounded on one satellite on Earth. The company is hoping to move astronauts on her. moon over the next ten years.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to stand on the surface of the moon in 1969. There are 12 astrontats in total through the moon. The last two – Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt – landed on the moon in 1972.

According to Mr Bridenstine, more than two-thirds of Americans currently have not been born at that time to look at the successful six successful Apollo trips on their behalf. Moon. NASA's leader could not even see someone who ending his moon as he was born in 1975.

"Whatever the case, there are white trips for many of them just from history text books or stories from older relatives. But, unlike Apollo's mission, this time we will go to the moon to stay there, and from there we will be able to continue to analyze our room, "writes Bridenstine.

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