NASA will test Mars on a 6 month # 27Nov tour


NASA probe was designed to excavate Mars surface on the Red Planet Monday, after a 482 million kilometer trip (300 million miles) lasts six months, and a bit dangerous through the pink beard.

Managers of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California started their seats and started shouting, praising and writing. laughing when they got the news.

"Location verification!" He named a ruler.

There was a photograph taken from Mars surface with rubble spots in the probation room, but showed a flat surface with just a few cliffs, just what scientists expected. In the next and next times, more pictures will come.

InSight's three-legged verification, $ 1 billion to the surface after being injected with parachute and brake engine, the group said. The updates came through radio signs that took over eight minutes to cross around 160 million kilometers (100 million miles) between Mars and Earth.

NASA's ninth attempt to get a & # 39; Mars landed from the Viking proven experiments in 1976. All of the previous journeys in the US had preceded.

The final accident of NASA was on Mars in 2012 with her mental quiz.

In museums, planetariums and libraries across the country, as well as in Times Square in New York, images of the activity were shown within the control room of the NASA blade.

The plan for her & # 39; decided that the investigation was ever pressed, ranging from 19,800 kilometers per hour (12,300 thousand per hour) to zero in six minutes, long & as he went over the Martian atmosphere and his / her; go on the ground.

"Mars is to be one of the most difficult jobs that people need to do in a planet study," said Bruce Banerdt, the leading InSight scientist. "Something is so sad, it's so dangerous, it's always the ability to be so uncomfortable that something could go wrong."

Mars has been a burial ground on several spatial missions.

So far, the Earth's successful Earth has a 40% Mars, counting all exhibit ships, an orbital plane and tours that visit the United States, Russia and other countries since 1960.

However, the United States has carried out seven successful trips on Mars over the last four decades and, with one of them, has an amazing record. There is no other country to collect and using a spacecraft on a red surface.

InSight was directed for Eliseo plane, near Martian belt.

The 800-point test uses a 1.8-meter (6-foot) robot arm to put a machine tree and put a seismometer on the surface. The drill drives 5 meters deep (16 feet) to heat inside; measure the planet, and the seismometer detectable may be detected.

Mars has no proof of digging more than a few centimeters and a seismometer has not been worked on it; planet.

Germany is the InSight corridor dependent, & # 39; France is managing seismometer.

By studying within Mars, scientists hope to understand how rocky planets created our solar system for 4.5 billion years ago and why they are so different. Mars is cold and dry, Venus and Mercury are very hot and the ground is able to support life.

However, InSight can not find life. This will be for future surveys, as NASA's mission to Mars in 2020, which gathers stones that will be terminated to Earth for being examined for evidence of old life.

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