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Octagon's grandmother, Cothrom Mars, has been convicted after the last big storm, but NASA is still trying to establish it. No fan has any problems – the rover of Curiosity -. Because the energy is pumped from the radioisotope thermometer generator, the soluble storms on the solar panels are not closed; remembered.

Find life

The company will be notified shortly. They will not be cosmetics, but in 2020 Mars will fly the European rover ExoMars (ESA and Roscosmos will be preparing campaigns) and NASA will be adding a rover. This will be true in some ways.

LookNASA Mars 2020 will look for life on her & # 39; Red Planet

The machover declaration known as Mars 2020 is completed as preparation and NASA has indicated that it has come out.


From a list of 60 elective electives, a lake space group chose to fade after five years of research as its location; landing the bicycle. Rover Mars 2020 will explore places where water and possibly life can disappear in the past. At the same time, it will bring samples of the soil and rocks that it implies in a special capsule the next mission should carry a space to Earth.

The Crater loch, located in the Syrtis Major area on the western edge of Isidis Planitia, is a diameter of 49 kilometers and is home to the ancient rivers of Mars, which are rich in floating water forests for 3.6 billion years ago . Mars was then planning blue on blue planet.

LookNASA's life on Mars has not yet been ratified, but found an interesting discovery

This is also reinforced by the data survey found in the Gale skin. The results show that Mars was not just acidic and flowing rivers, but there were floods where 10-20 meters deep seawater was deep.


Different Geology Differently a lake with at least five different types of rock can help scientists just ask for answers to questions that Mars has; live, but also about improving its & # 39; planet.

Offshore going dangerous

Mars uses 2020 on-shore technology similar to those found in Curiosity. The module will remove the rover on the surface; planet from the height of the last meters using a specific tree and its # land itself a little longer.

The problem is that, although Loch nan Crater is very fascinating from a scientific perspective, it is a bit more suited to landing. The area is broken by a delta river, covered with a large crack, cliffs, scattered rocks and boulders. None of these sides are too favorable to go out of room.

LookRover Mars 2020 will be a "camera photographer"

According to NASA, it presents great challenges for the team that is responsible for go safely. It is not easy on land to be very smooth (we will try to clear the first part of the ExoMars mission when the Schiaparelli closure model broke when it moved to land).

But since 2012, when the onshore psychological study came, scientists have seen major developments in indigenous ways. So today I can enter land in a semi-zone.

Mars 2020 comes on a crane, just like it was 6 years of trouble.

The most advanced development is the development of a Land Relative Navigation (TRN), which gives a "spread spray" to its; The rover behaviors, the ability to avoid a risk while you are experiencing; going ashore.

Until the end of 2019, however, an analysis will continue to locate the right place to fit ashore.

"The planets did not have a strategic exploration harder than landing on Mars," said Thomas Zurbuchen, director of NASA science missions. This can not be confronted. Just look at the number of mistakes faced by the previous initiatives.

Let's hope the two missions – both American and European – Russian will be happy with two years on the side. And we learn more exciting information about the truth and history of our neighbor.

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