NASA's InSight sends an unfamiliar image of Mars when it comes to work


Yesterday, the NASA's Insight mission influenced the press release, after the spatial vessel spattered Mars to the surface of Mars.

The very difficult time to include & # 39; seven minutes of visualization, and there were people all over the world on the seashore edge.

Now, the laird has restored an incredible image of Martian's surface, and # 39; show that he is well-settled.

NASA Tweeted the image, saying: "There is a quiet beauty here. Looking forward to exploring my new home."

His space group also added animation on the InSight download to & # 39; sun panels to be returned.

Tweet: "Aaah … throwing her sun on my solar panels. After a great tour, and a wonderful #MarsLanding, it's a good feeling to get part Well and to return my batteries (Mar, literal.) And I just need to start to make a tune with Mars. "

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NASA 's Insight Mars arrives

Now that the laird is safe on the surface, it will make a range of important investigations.

Make a sense of inspiration inside & # 39; of Mars, which includes its shade, and # 39; banner and string, to help NASA to & # 39; understand more about how to create a planet.

It also monitors tectonic activity and meteorite effects on Mars today.

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