NASA's Mars Lander is going to go to her; a very beautiful two-year attack –


On Monday, people around the world watched live live on InSight Mars land.

The laird lasted the scientists called "seven minutes of vision" how he was going down on her & # 39; red planet.

The same scientists were then identifying Some of the most social interactions Ever recorded on TV.

But I give them them, however – they just did something on Mars.

Now that the laird is safe on the ground, CNN here with what's on:

Unlike the rovers that are already on Martian's surface, InSight will continue to welcome the planned two-year mission.

InSight has already been busy. Since he went on land, he has built two photographs and put them back as postcards to Earth, showing her where she is home. These original images are elegant as the dust shields have not yet been removed from a lens camera.

In sunshine sunshine places, craftsmanship – around the 1960s size that can be changed – with power as long as it has been removed. live.

"We use solar power, and so we get out of the case and work very much," said Tom Hoffman, an InSight project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA.

"With the initiatives that deliver the energy, we must start cool science work. We are well on our way to analyze exactly what Mars is inside for its & First time. "

In clear days, the InSight panels will take between 600 and 700 watts, which are sufficiently enough to empower normal kitchen power. In more dusty situations, the panels will still be able to generate between 200 and 300 watts.

The series of geophysical instruments will provide a measure of activity within Mars as a seismology and they will; move like sunshine and its winter on a & # 39; planet.

These tools include the Seismic Experiment for Internal Structures to explore what causes wave-discharged Mars, Pann Heat and Physical Features Packs to & # 39; dig under the surface and heat proof; Flow out of the planet and Rotation and the Turus Internal Structure to use radios to monitor the base of its planet.

InSight will be able to measure measurements that occur anywhere in its location; planet. And he is able to put a chips on the surface.

The data that InSight will restore to & # 39; help you to test Mars temperatures and its geometric geometric activity, whether it still has a soft heart, and what is it? making the Earth so special to comparison.

The first data is not expected to March.

We will keep your post.

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