NASA's second group is on the lunar jacket, which looks clearer on Chang's China-4 confirmation – Xinhua


WASHINGTON, February 8 (Xinhua) – The United States' s Spanish activist has been watching Sùil Jane's website for e-4 for the second time and in a higher definition.

NASA announced Friday without receiving a Lunar Recognition Orbiter (LRO) new image on the Chang-e-4 website of the day after 30 January.

This time, LRO, NASA's spacecraft moved to the ground on Von Karman's skin and was thrown to capture the rover Yutu-2 in two just north of the country, according to NASA.

The rover was not known and there was only a few clicks in the Chang-e-4 in the first sight. Chang Changes includes a boundary and rover, and the rover is smaller than the outside.

In the photo published by the LRO scientific team from the University of Arizona on Friday, Chang & e-4 on land and rovering inside a crack on the Von Karman crater. Even the umbrella that is thrown by the landlord and the rover are seen.

Chang probe-4 was launched, which launched on December 8 in 2018, landed on Crater Von Karman in Pole-Aitken Lake on the far side of the moon on January 3.

NASA published its first scene of the London Changing Site of China Wednesday.

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