Nasdaq and VanEck will launch Bitcoin Futures 2.0


The second largest stock exchange in the world, Nasdaq, has made a partnership with the VanEck investment company to publish new financial results, CoinDesk reports.

The participation of two giants of the financial world has become recognized during its conference. Consensus: Money organized by CoinDesk. VanEck, Director of Digital Assets Strategy, Gabor Gurbach, has created "version 2.0 of the future regulatory agreements". Accordingly, new financial results appear on their market next year.

"I would like to be aware that we are making a great deal of effort with the Tumor Trading Commission to develop new standards for the storage and control of", Gurbach added.

Accordingly, the campaign should be viewed as a "renewal" of current regulatory standards in the bitcoin income market. He also says that the SMARTS control system developed by the Nasdaq will be used for new materials. The price will be created based on the MVIS created by VanEck. Such a procedure, I am sure that Gurbakh, "encourages regulators and organizations trying to enter the cryptocurrency market."

It's a software that is SMARTS that is; Supporting many algorithms for self-verifying authentic market activity, suspicious, & # 39; including damaging and washing trade. Gurbach is asking this system to be the "big cop engine". Accordingly, this technology will make a "fair and orderly trading" futures. "

VanEck's head did not identify whether the future futures of the settlement (as in CME or CBOE) or not be delivered (as in Bakkt). However, it does not show that these financial outputs will appear on the # 39; market in the first quarter of the next year.

Note that the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) decision on the ETF should be decided by the physical Bitcoins, developed by VanEck in partnership with its blockchain-SolidX company, by February 27, 2019.

"We are sure there would be a year of regulation in 2018, which will be 2019 a year"– he finished VanEck's head.

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