Nassar's description of the Application to Zaskia Gotik on the settlement, the old Vicky Prasetyo he got?


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Singer Dangdut Nassar highlighted the importance of his suggestion for Zaskia Gotik, which was previously Vicky Prasetyo.

Nassar's video recommendation to Zaskia Gotik on LIDA dangdut's stage competition is continuing on Youtube for several days.

As a video uploaded by the channel Indosiar Youtube, Zaskia Gotik shouted that even when Nassar announced he was planning to marry Vicky Prasetyo now.

It is clear that the video Nassar and Zaskia found bad answers.

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Netizens decide if it is a gimmick or that it was organized because of the event.

But Nassar left his kettle and admitted he was bad to Gothic as reported by the re-creation of Go Spot on Wednesday (03/13/2019) in the morning.

“I'm very heavy on it (Zaskia),” answered Nassar.

Nassar also said that if Zaskia accepted his proposal, he would be grateful.

"There is no situation, if he wants, Alhamdulillah," he continued.

Nassar's goal is to do that that didn't play games.

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