Natalia Mandiola attacked Fox Sports Chile at work and harassment at work


It was in November 2018 when Fox Sports Chile decided to set up a fire Natalia Mandiola, against "Nunca es Tarde", among others.

As she said to "Intruders", since she began her relationship with the old footballer and commentator on the sports station, t Rafael Olarrahowever, there was a number of instances of workplace tension with their leaders.

“I had a bad time, I was a psychologist and 4 months after I was born, I will tell,” he said.

"Since they found out we were together." I found negative comments every day, with meetings. They were concerned about our relationship, they did not want it to lose his "vision" from a man, "he said.

In that sense, he repeated some of the devastating events, particularly when there were both on the air. "“I see if you present an item of clothing that I push you from the channel” t, they said to me, words that I survived greatly. I was working in terror. "

"I hate you to be together“With other phrases you have asked for Mandiola from its rulers.

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