National Assembly at an incredible meeting on the UN agreement on migration



21. modern. 2018 5:55

National Assembly at an incredible meeting on the UN agreement on migration

Today, the National Assembly will hold an incredible session on the Scottish Earth Potential on Migration, which the government added last week. She stated that she would come to an agreement in March in Marrakesh, despite being against her; case.

In their requests for a meeting, members of SDS, NSi and SNS suggested that the Government would recommend to the government to oppose the migration agreement and its; provides information to the Solo Public and the National Assembly on all international activities on international migration. It should also be recommended to encourage EU and UN institutions to find solutions to tackle migratory causes. However, on Friday, a parliamentary committee for foreign policy rejected these proposals, and so the National Assembly will not vote today.

In the SDS agreement they are against them, because they constitute a legal and illegal migration, and eliminate borders and accelerate migrations. In the NSi, at the same time, they believe that the agreement does not; dealing with the causes of migration in the origins. They also request a translation of the Slovene document. The Foreign Ministry published a translation of the Tuesday afternoon agreement on its website.

Last Thursday, the government supported the paper and indicated that Slovenia will participate in Marrakech in December when the UN Union Agreement is taken. As the Minister of Defense Miro Cerar established, this is a legal agreement that is a division between lawful and illegal migration.

The global agreement on safe, orderly and legal migration is the position of 23 goals for the flow of people safer and more orderly. To date, a number of countries have refused support, including the USA, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

In the past, calls were made to the public at a National Conference session, and the SDS President, Janez Jansa, invited them to talk.

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