National Film Bureau: 2018 Chinese film box office for the first time not to be; Over 60 billion yuan market more than 60% film – China Daily


  1. National Film Bureau: Chinese film box offices in 2018 broke over 60 billion yuan for the first time, due to home film market more than 60% China Daily
  2. China's annual Chinese food season broke over 60 billion "Red Sea Action" won by the multilateral newsletter
  3. Official official announcement: 2018 domestic box offices consisting of more than 60% of total boxwork 60.976 billion screen numbers over 60,000 Mtime Time Network
  4. Chinese audience maturity aesthetics: 60 billion overall box offices, these bad films will be arrested and sent to
  5. The Chinese film box office 36.2 billion · Red Sea Action "2.2 billion quarantine stabilized • Malaysia film broke 100 million for the first time Sin Chew Daily
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