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NASA's spacecraft enters the orbit around the asteroid, and record settings

LAUREL, Md. (AP) – NASA spacecraft has entered an orbit around an old asteroid, which sets two tables.

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft on Monday took an accident around the Bennu asteroid, 70 million miles (110 million kilometers) from Earth. The smallest wild body has ever been broken by a spacecraft. Bennu just 1,600 feet (500 meters) is overseas.

There is only a mile (1.6km) above the surface of the asteroid, another table in the ocean bend.

Osiris-Rex arrived at Bennu in early December and went with him until the latest move was. The aim is to capture natural emissions in 2020 for returning to Earth in 2023.

New York milestone happened just an hour before a NASA researcher, New Horizons, was avoided beyond a predation rock beyond Pluto.


Smoke shop: The employee was shot after a consumer anti-Trump rant

TUCKER, Ga. (AP) – A store that smokes and supplies a & # 39; hitting in Georgia saying that he was shot down by a member of staff after complaining by a customer with a T-shirt and the president who supported President Donald Trump.

The buyer, John Fergeson, says he went to Xhale Town in the banks of Atlanta Tucker to try to buy vape zoo. WAGA-TV statements have a movie recording; show the unused person waiting to wait for him and his / her; using a number of people. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the video showed that the staff called Trump and the "clan chief".

In a Facebook and Twitter statement, his / her shop says he does not; accepting such behaviors with staff and burned the employee immediately after fuel.


National parks are injured by government closure

WASHINGTON (AP) – Where is Smokey the Bear when you need it?

Trump's administration decision leaves open open parks; Despite the fact that the government decides to create a review, in a much larger way.

Garbage is awful A resident near the Yosemite National Park says "free of charge" is illegal with other pathways and behaviors. There is scattered rubbish and human waste. Campers at the Joshua Tree National Park were in the southern California deserts describing fighting as different families were; placing applications on sites, and without ranges for judgment.

The 10th day of both part of a federal government, Hundreds of thousands of government staff needed to leave many parks without most of the sailors and others who, keep staff and organize parks another way.

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