National Trust Trust CMO is aiming for strong marketing, led by the latest venture


Secrecy and purpose lie at the heart of integrated & Killer Serial & # 39; the National Heart Foundation by News Corp, which CMO says.

The not-for-profit has been the removal of distributors of a printed, digital, broadcasting and new four-week marketing media that aim to be able to; How often do you have heart disease as one of the people who have a heart disease? continues to kill a row, which includes 51 deaths each day in the country.

The initiative, which was released in partnership with News Corp News Department, started with a printed newspaper throughout the newspapers metro News Corp, Australia & # 39; True Crime & Creative areas of heart disease such as crime & the story.

Television and radio advertising is also planned, along with educational videos about heart disease, focusing on warning signs on heart attack and with emphasis on women.

The work is supported by an editorial application plus a social media enterprise and hashtag, #showsometicker. They all aim to move to better awareness and health management. Supporting this is a Century enumerator; The National Heart Foundation, as well as the broader appeal plan, has seven points.

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