Natti Natasha, questioned by singing a topic about sex and drugs for cancer guys


Nattiha Natti was in Ecuador and took advantage of her to visit a hospital of children. He entered the living room where the guys who have cancer and have a smile with their sympathy. He also sang one of his last hits, "Without Pajamas", the theme that is made by Becky G.

One of the mothers present at the place registered the moment with his cell phone and shared it in social networks. In the video she sees her to Dora dancing and saying the most spicy strokes of the song: "No one does better than me. That the excitement does not stop you, you know that I do not leave you planta'o, Calma" Or, that I go on the way, love, Calma, that I want with you … ".

Seconds after, everyone chorus the chorus: "If you call me," we're going home, we're staying in bed, without pajamas, without pajamas. " This was not at all well seen by the followers of the Dominican reggaetonera, who expressed their discomfort in the publication that was viralized.

Natti Natasha visited children with cancer.
Natti Natasha visited children with cancer.

"I do not think it's a suitable issue for this situation. You were wrong, Natti", "What a horrible song, having so many other beautiful ones for children?", "Of the adults, there was no common sense?" the messages.

Nattiha Natti made deaf ears to the bad comments and Instagram said: "I want to let all my dear followers know that the world needs more love. Love that we often do not give it because we are not really considered in such a needy world. If God gave you the Don and the health of making others happy, even with their presence, do it, why that will make you happy too. "

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