Natti Natasha surprised everyone with her excavation


Natti Natasha He left his followers without posting a preview of his next record on his / her; his Instagram account. Look at the image!

Dominican singer Natti Natasha She is very wild and she once again shows her social networks with a explosive image in which she shows a huge trick.

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A bed on what is like a bed and a printed printed animal that can only be found the sleeves, The diva reggaeton adds to its fans to breathe away by doing so; showing her jewels.

The interpreter What's wrong He put the hot chip on his Instagram profile, where it's almost 11 million fans, by making its fans a & # 39; Satisfied immediately, the published publication was praised.

Even though the nobles are Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista they are accustomed to this type of "high-voltage" pictures, they put forward a promises post, such as "Goddess", "Queen", "Beautiful" not "Wonderful", making it clear that they are happy to sing beautiful to see her face worse

On the other hand, the reggaetonera will be launching the next album IlumiNatti, which will be released on 15 February and comes with 17 songs that we already know as I am a & # 39; enjoy me.

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In addition, the album comes with some surprise as two collaborations with two very good artists: Soy Mia, by Kany García, told Natti Natasha us a few days ago, Tell me, with the Brazilian Anitta.

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