Naughty Examination, after finding her breast cancer


The Virgen de las Nieves hospital is behind the pedestrian that leaves the hospital breast cancer. That is, find the signature that leaves this tumor in the blood of patients through a method called metabolomics. The simple process, through fluid biopsy (blood pressure) is being sought for a series of bio-markets to make early diagnosis, personal and second-hand design, and & # 39; Identifying an everlasting disease in patients who are already cure.

The Granada hospital participates in a clinical study, led by Dr. Sánchez Rovira from the city of Jaén City, in collaboration with the Almeria and Málaga hospitals. The doctor Mrs. González Flores, is a specialist in the field of medical knowledge of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital Unit, which aims to consult breast cancer and colorectal cancer with Dr. Veronica Ponte, responsible for the study in the Virgen de las Nieves.

Breast cancer is the most common tower in women according to recent figures from the Spanish Medical Socialist Association. Every year, over 26,000 cases have been confirmed, and also the first cause of death in Spanish Spanish people with more than 6 thousand deaths annuallysays González.

"These figures make us think and know that we have a public health problem," although the doctor has a " Emphasis on sharing a hopeful message for women. patients: "According to our statistics we know that increased breast cancer has grown to the world.

The reasons for this promotion are clearly the early search programs, such as mammography, the development of critical methods, the multi-disciplinary approach that is fundamental to cure of cancer and, in fact, to include personal remedies within a & # 39; concept of a moment of medicine, is very important for cancer management and especially chronic cancer. "

It is essential to clarify that it is not a single disease; in breast cancer, it is divided into a number of sub-groups that integrate different cricket, history and distinctive features molecular. "Attending all of them as the personal medicine is designed, so we can not say that there are two patients".

Today, these features, especially historiography and molecol, are found biopsy tools. Thereafter, professionals will produce this data to be able to establish personal handling.

But there are some problems with biopsy tools, in the "first place" inability in patients and the second one who does not show this test because this is not a test; Breast cancer is completely and the vinyl sample does not represent the whole disease. "

All this means that new methods are introduced to familiarize themselves with these molecular characteristics of the mood, especially chronic cancer, help with access to information. This is where a generous biopsy comes in.

The word can sometimes be accelerated, and # 39; bring forth blood. This way is much less aggressive to the patient and "allows a real picture of all the diversity of all illness," continues González.

That is, you can "a judged molecular in front of the patient even the tumor, after treatment such as the surgery and even throughout the disease (metastatic) where there may be a change in the tumor that we can find through & # 39; eliminating blood. "

Based on this data, and thank you for this study, you can choose a much more accurate cure.

"This is so important that the tile biopsy is introduced gradually and today we must say that, while still investigating, there are many accidents where we are Include it to make decisions that we can not personalized cure"

The Virgin of the Nieves has been a beginner in taking into account in this study that started three years ago and plans to give the first results in 2020 and González says "the starting data says the results are committed".

The study includes to & # 39; Confirmation of metabolomic protocols with lethal biopsy in patients with early breast cancer. This study has a group of this 200 women healthy and another body similar to breastfeeding women – in the Virgen de las Nieves it is made by 70-.

An metabolomics it is based on the truth that a series of metabolic changes occur in non-cellular cell cells; happening in healthy cells. This means that the distribution of molecule can be detected by a blood sample. So metabolomics are the ones that include to & # 39; Measuring the changes to the levels of small mythologies in politics and "this may be one of the most innovative methods for bi-market research".

This may continue to detect cancer early, as well as to & # 39; There is little continuous search in breastfeeding women in medicine after attendance. The difference of the different metabolites helps us to see the metabolomic properties that may have early diagnosis in the future.

This can identify the harmony of cancer as well as the best medicine. "In the long term it will have a huge impact, although there is still a long way to go, this will increase to survive of patients, the quality of life as a result of the choice of medicine and efficacy because we will not deal with those who need only ".

This method may be repeated and extended to other types of cancer. Today it is still study and there is still no estimate where it could be implemented in healthcare, but because preliminary value (design of concrete inconvenience) and judging, alongside Within a few years we would look at one of the biggest traces in oncical cure.

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