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Carter won a 25,000 point post and disturbed the fans. (AP)

Today, the old eagles Carter, who were 41 years old, took their role in their normal game. At the end of the game, when his teams allowed him, he used to give a fascinating hand and put 25,000 pounds. The record is that the league is the 22nd player. The players are active in it and can only make 4 players.

Today, the game returned to the field in at least two and a half minutes in the fourth quarter. At that time, he had only 6 points away from his post of 25,000 points. In addition, there was no fighting in the game. Secondly, he made a three-point and left 3 points to go after him. He then killed the campaign outside a three-point line. He hoped to record in a single fall. Unfortunately, he did not make two shots. At this time, only 1 minute left to reach 25,000 points.

At this time, the game had at least 10 seconds left, but the team team dropped the attack result and made a member of Carter. This time he used one of his weapons, "slam dunk". Breaking up to 25,000 points, just 0.5 seconds left, the tyrannosaurus did not attack the last attack team, ran a while, both players were marked in the middle of the Carter playground.

The league players will only open the 21st season of Carter, Lakers James, Novizki Ranger and Rocket "melon" Anseni, they can also come to the "25K Club", Silver NBA President through Official Twitter Twitter congratulates Carter and his / her; praising Carter as a "real ambassador" of his game.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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