NBA Clubs, features: LeBron will win back to Miami; Spurs will bring out the heroes


After the wild and historic night of Saturday, the NBA drops down on Sunday. At least the number of games; We have five games on our accordion. The Grizzlies got things that started to win well over the Timberwolves to continue to start to time.

After that, the Trail Blazers defeated the brutal Wizards and the Knicks were swept out with the incredible magic. Later on, LeBron James broke when he returned to Miami to lead his Lakers to win against the heat, and the night with the Spurs disappeared; record a decisive victory on the Warriors.

Here's everything you need to know about the Sabbath NBA action:

NBA Corner for Sunday, November 18

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LeBron drops 51 points back to Miami

Was LeBron James feel comfortable in his return to Miami. Just a few minutes into the game, it was opened on the split and threw it down one of its powerful rods. It was just the start of an excellent night; for "The King", as he put 51 points in the season to attack the Lakers. It's the 12th game of 50 points; he left, and the most he had removed since the last 57 was given to the Wizards.

Lillard will go for 40 vs. Wizards

Damian Lillard and Trail Blazers made sure the Wizards had a difficult time. Lillard won 40 points, six concepts and five help, as the Blazers won – which was over 29 points – easily. This is the third 40-minute game of the season for Lillard already.

Richardson is crying for a big blow, thrown to throw his shoe

Josh Richardson is a big defender, although he usually does his most of his life; work on the border. But in the first quarter of the Lakers, he showed that he could also protect the field with a large block on the split. Later on in the game, however, Richardson was banned after throwing a shoe to the people after making a disagreement about citing.

Vucevic Records near a dual three-prize in another magic benefit

The Wizard looks awesome enough to start the season, and Nikola Vucevic is a big reason why. After leaving 36 points when they won the Lakers on Saturday, he came back with another big night against the Knicks. Vucevic has almost never been recorded with 28 points, 10 revived and nine are helping to # 39; Guides the Magic on the Knicks.

Kanter's vitality and slams

The Knicks got out to start rough against the Dragoon, but Enes Kanter was still out there to play. Spinning through traffic, it rises for a nice yard.

Gordon captures fire early

Aaron Gordon can complete it at times, and Sunday is one of those times. He hit his first seven shots from the field on his way to 17 points early.

Gasol builds Grimsayers over Timberwolves

Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies continued to a strong start on the Sunday season with a 13-point advantage over the Wolves. This is their third winning advantage, and one fifth in their last six games. Gasoline finished with 26 points and 13 amazing 8-of-13 recreation from the field. The most important thing, however, put it in 11 of those points in the fourth quarter to defeat the # 39; win.

Rudy rocks on the edge

The Spurs got a good start against the Warriors, and thanked such a play from Rudy Gay. Look at this slump that is gutting in slow motion.

Covington is supporting him

Robert Covington is very suited to his new team. In the second quarter of the Wolves game against the Grizzlies, Covington cut down the road, passing a pass from Derrick Rose and catching the side with a powerful two-slam shot.

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