NBA Clubs: Signals: 76ers will show a new insight LeBron James Lakers, The Cold War in a narrow relationship


There were five NBA games on Sundays, marked by a battle between two crew who made a lot of time-consuming sound: one for what they did, and one for what they did, such as the 76ers eye LeBron James with hospitality and Lakers Los Angeles in a Sunday matinee.

The game between the two teams is the second one of the season, with the Sixers a & # 39; Drawing out the impact of the Lakers in Los Angeles less than a fortnight. But LeBron was surrounded by a wounded grin for that game, but this did not change the result when the Sixers removed from the Lakers in a game turned into a & # 39; going out completely.

In addition, until closing the night, the Warriors defender of the Miami Heat won a very narrow way in which the Golden State saw his return from a double deficit to win. DeMarcus Cousins ​​dropped two free throws in the final to protect their effects.

NBA Schedule for Sunday, February 10

* Every time east

  • Dallas Mavericks 102, Portland Trail Blazers 101 (Score Box)
  • Philadelphia 76ers 143, Los Angeles Lakers 120 (Score Score)
  • Sacramento Kings 117, Phoenix Suns 104 (Score Box)
  • Orlando Magic 124, Atlanta Hawks 108 (Score Box)
  • Golden State Warriors 120, Miami Heat 118 (Score Box)

Thomson has played a special play

This is not just the type of scout game that fans have been used to see. Klay Thompson was looking to cut DeMarcus Cousins's beat with a pass, but the Cousins ​​folder hit the head. However, Thomson made his loose member abducted and jumped out in the & # 39; opening opening.

Bagley scale plays 32 points against the sun

Marvin Bagley III had kings of the foremost kings for the sunrise. Shooting Bagley top post 32 points on 10-of-15 shooting to accompany seven reactions.

Isaac records three blocks in one row

Jonathan Isaac was always a Magic Magic player and showed why the Hawks face. On one defensive series, Isaac refused three scenes, including a man on Trae Young at the edge.

Harris is growing for the Sixers

Tobias Harris seems to be very suited to the 76ers after her The first two shows with the team because it helped to manage Philadelphia to & # 39; affecting the Lakers by getting 22 points to go with six reactions and six help.

Lillard will take a fire for the Trail Blazers

Having started slowly on her game, Damian Lillard took over for her & her; Portland Trail Blazers in the third season against the Mavericks as long as he was pour in 21 points in a quarter only.

Kuzma breaks down for 39 points against the Sixers

The Los Angeles Lakers were running to Kyle Kuzma at the time of trading and he was a Paying shares for the Purple and Gold on Sunday by taking fire early in the morning and without having to go. dragged down when he finished 39 minutes off.

Embiid singing for Sixers is a great win

While b & # 39; Kuzma was the leader of the first season of Sunday's vision, Joel Embiid received his work for the Sixers, despite being unsure about sending a " Play in the game with illness.

Vucevic will go to the beginning of the hot for magic

The Magic Magic will not have as many NBA players but Nikola Vucevic has been one of the biggest surprises of the season because he played at All-Star level and that was will be shown again on Sunday when he / she is He dropped six points just for Orlando in the opening of a quarter.

Red the three windows and fall out of boundaries

With all of the stars in the current Sixers line, J.J. Redick is getting enough open space on her & # 39; an attack head to find out after him and these three were more interesting than the rest as he stopped after he screwed the wing and then hit his & her; fall from the boundaries.

Luka will start her & # 39; style in style

The fascinating Luka Doncic season has become one of his most prestigious players and has retained his strong position in the NBA on Sunday by going to his career. turning the corner protected and carried out; camera home to start the game.

Nurkic will send a mavericks defender to poster

While the Lakers and the Sixers played the game on a national television on Sunday afternoon, the Trail Blazers and Mavericks also fought and did not take long for Jusuf Nurkic until he was present.

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