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The knight is started by JR Mac a 's; Ghobhainn is now looking at bad news, because & # 39; The Cavalier brother "Love God" included Luo Fu in the ESPN program, said he will not return to January next year, but the Cavaliers. I'm afraid I'm not in a hurry, because At this time they just want to smash it completely, and there's no doubt they'll put away Gràdh!

In the first instance, Luofu got an earlier left hand on the # 39; this month. It is estimated to be without for 6 weeks. According to & # 39; This reconstruction plan, it should return from bad in mid-December. I did not play in the game every year, and even & # 39; I'll go back for a month or more.

"Given the problem of the wounds of the spinal cord, I can not say it yet when it is returned," said Luofu. "But I expect to come back at a time after New Year." After the "Little Emperor" James jumped to the Lakers, Luo Fu took the place of the Cavaliers and played only 4 games of this season, giving 19 points and 13.5 reactions.

At present, the Cavaliers only receive 2 awards and 13 losses, still in the # 39; East Conference and the League Base, Cavaliers Gilbert's commander has long ordered, this season is missing but I do not want to. hearing that the grace is separated, the Cavaliers are not in a hurry to come back, and possibly ahead of the trading date of the 8th February next year, Luofu's business will continue to & # 39 ; circulated.

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