NBA round-up: Boston Celtics influences Chicago Bulls in the success of 56 NBA Newspoints


The Boston Celtics made the most of the best; in a licensing history by 133-77 to crack the Chicago Bulls on Saturday.

Saturday night results

  • Houston Rockets 104-107 Dallas Mavericks
  • Kings Sacramento 97-107 Indiana Pacers
  • Denver Nuggets 98-106 Atlanta Hawks
  • Washington Wizards 101-116 Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Brooklyn Nets 112-104 New York Knicks
  • Boston Celtics 133-77 Chicago Bulls
  • Los Angeles Lakers 111-88 Memphis Grizzlies
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 105-113 Portland Trail Blazers
  • Miami Heat 121-98 Los Angeles Breakers

Boston Celtics 133-77 Chicago Bulls

celtics nba bulls


Major events on the Boston Celtics tour to Chicago Bulls in a nine week of the NBA

Jaylen Brown continued to have a great deal from the hill while he was the Boston driver with 23 points and Daniel Theis had 22 professional high-level points as long as The Celtics expanded their struggles to five games.

The 56-point bulk edge was 51 points where the Celtics affected the Philadelphia Warriors in March 1962, It was also a link to & # 39; The NBA team in the NBA, which was set by Seattle against Houston in December 1986.

Jaylen Brown # 7 of the Boston Celtics is handled to & # 39; a member against the Chicago Bulls / on the 8th December 2018 at the United Unity in Chicago, Illinois
Jaylen Brown leads the Boston Celtics with 23 points from the hill

Jayson Tatum made every four of his three-point attempts as long as he was going to do. 18 points out. Terry Rozier added 15 points, Kyrie Irving and Semi Ojeleye to each one and Marcus Morris was held 12 for Boston.

Shaquille Harrison succeeded on 20 career points, Zach LaVine 11 and Cameron Payne had 10 for the Bulls, who lost eight of their last nine.

The worst 56-point poll was made in the third game of Jim Boylen as a coach after removing Fred Hoiberg.

Boston 22 of 43 had a three-point range such as Brown, Ojeleye and Rozier, each shot down three. The Celtics highlighted 53.8 per cent overall.

Los Angeles Lakers 111-88 Memphis Grizzlies

nba lakers Memphis Grizzlies


The main events of Los Angeles Lakers visit Memphis Grizzlies in a nine week of the NBA

LeBron James received 20 points, he gave nine support and won eight results when Lakers Los Angeles took a leading lead and toured to a road impact over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kyle Kuzma clarified 20 points as he made himself, Josh Hart and Caldwell-Pope's Commander, four quarters three marks when the Lakers were 16-41 from outside the arc.

James stopped his world-wide showcase with a three-dimensional dunk to stop any hope that the Grizzlies might have to recover.

LeBron James # 23 of Los Angeles Lakers to handle a & # 39; member against Memphis Grizzlies on 8 December 2018 at FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.
LeBron James was over the Lakers with a strong standard show that appeared against the Grizzlies

Wayne Selden na Grizzlies raised 17 points off the mountain. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol had casualties, featuring 12 and 11 points, respectively.

The Lakers have now won five of their six and developed until 16-10, after they started the game with the same record as the Grizzlies.

Houston Rockets 104-107 Dallas Mavericks

rockets mabaicks nba


Houston's Rockets' major events visit the Dallas Mavericks in nine NBA week

Luka Doncic spoke again with a separate scoring game when the Dallas Mavericks put their streak into nine games by influencing Houston's Rockets.

Doncic finished with 21 points and seven concepts, bringing 11 consecutive points down the line after the Rockets became the leading driver of the 102-94 game.

Rookie's point warden, Jalen Brunson, has his second post instead of wounded arm Dennis Smith Jr. (textile), to add to the & # 39; paper while it was & # 39; 14 points, three help and three stole.

Luka Doncic # 77 of the Dallas Mavericks is shocking during a game against the Houston Rockets on 8 December 2018 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Luka Doncic defeated James Harden in a quarter-quarter duel

Six Mavericks Scout in double figures, as DeAndre's center shared 12 points with 20 recycling. Wesley Matthews completed 21 for sharing senior honors with Doncic, drilling 4-7 turns deep.

James Harden had 35 points for the Rockets, who lost seven of their last nine games. Chris Chris Paul in 23 points but disturbed a pair of free throws that would have to stop the Mavericks final.

The Mavericks will increase until 13-11, although the Rockets are just one place off the base of the Western Conference after falling to 11-14.

Miami Heat 121-98 Los Angeles Breakers

heat nba miami


Outstanding events of Miami's heat pass for Los Angeles breakers in nine NBA week

Dwyane Wade for Miami Heat conducts 25 points in his 1,000th game to influence roads across Los Angeles Clippers.

Justise Winslow 21 out of her short-term with Miami to He used a great fourth verse running to help him win a Friday night in Phoenix.

The heat was played with eight players for most of the game after its & # 39; The watchman left Tyler Johnson in the first quarter and did not return because of bad leftbone. Josh Richardson was given a guard shortly before the game with a shoulder reduction.

Miami Heat Dwyane Wade # 3 will handle a & # 39; a member against LA Clippers on 8 December 2018 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California.
Dwyane Wade had been his 1,000th NBA player with 25 points

Tobias Harris pointed out 20 points when the Breakdowns failed to return to their ownership of their main role in the West Conference.

Lou Williams sent 18 out of the bay for Los Angeles, as the best stroll of nine NBA games came to an end.

Wade also had six support and six replies because he made five of his 10 three-point attempts in one of the best shows to date in his final NBA season.

Minnesota Timberwolves 105-113 Portland Trail Blazers

nba porland blazers timberwolves


Major events visit Minnesota Timberwolves to Portland Trail Blazers in a nine week of the NBA

Damian Lillard clarified 28 points, he took eight games and killed six support when the Portland Trail Blazers out of Minnesota Timberwolves.

Jusuf Nurkic gave 22 points, 11 resembles, four blocks, four help and three stole while the Blazers track, which put the last 10 points after 105-103, had the second game just win.

With the score that was attached to 105, Lillard struck a three-point dribble before he established his partner C.J. McCollum for another to control Portland.

Damian Lillard # 0 of Portland Trail Blazers is a break-up to & # 39; member against Minnesota Timberwolves on 8 December 2018 at the Canadian Fashion Center in Portland, Oregon.
Damian Lillard clarified 28 points to go with six help against Minnesota Timberwolves

20 points received by Andrew Wiggins, 19 points and 10 reactions were collected by Karl-Anthony Towns and Derrick Rose made 18 points and nine support for the Timberwolves.

Portland is developing until 15-11, although the Timberwolves, who won nine of their previous trips, is now 13-13.

Denver Nuggets 98-106 Atlanta Hawks

NBA is carrying gas


Major events have visited Denver Denver to Atlanta Hawks in a nine week of the NBA

John Collins clarified a 30-point post to help Atlanta Hawks break their strike miss four-game by tackling the Denver Nuggets tour.

Collins 12-for-20 ranges from the range, which included 3-6 from a three-point range, and had 12 recipes with five help.

The Atlanta DeAndre & Bembry 18 points up to five points out of the sentence, and Vince Carter added 13 points and Dewayne Dedmon took 11 roundtrips.

John Collins # 20 of Atlanta Hawks Against the Denver Games on December 8, 2018 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
John Collins-30 had high points to go with 12 revival against the Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets were led by the Nikola Jokic center, with 24 points, 11 reactions and seven help.

Denver also received 17 points and 10 recycled by Juancho Hernangomez, and Malik Beasley came from his grandson to a bulk of 19 points.

Kings Sacramento 97-107 Indiana Pacers

nba kingdoms


Major events on the Kings Sacramento tour to Indiana Pacers in a nine week of the NBA

Doug McDermott has proceeded with a pair of three quarters of a quarterly signal to take turns back from Kings Sacramento and his / her. victory for Indiana Pacers.

Thaddeus Young has 20 games pounds for the management of seven players in double Pacers figures, which gave support to Orlando's 112-90 boundaries at Orlando with just third win.

McDermott had only 10 points but his two made deep. In the spot, 34 seconds gave the four-point steering guide to the Pacers that it was never like to be; decline.

Thaddeus Young # 21 of Indiana Pacers is handled to & # 39; a member against Kings Sacramento on 8 December 2018 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Thaddeus Young led the Indiana Pacers with 20 points

Buddy Hield was equivalent to a total of 20 young people's points for the kings, and their three-game struggle ended.

The Pacers are still the fourth place in the East Conference with a 16-10 record, and the kings fell to 13-12.

Brooklyn Nets 112-104 New York Knicks

nba nets v knicks


Major events on the Brooklyn Nets tour to New Knicks in a nine week of the NBA

Spencer Dinwiddie clarified 25 points from the mountain to help the Brooklyn Nets express their own badly damaged by the New Knicks Knicks.

Dinwiddie bought 17 of the 25 points after half a while while he was again to & # 39; reaching the river in a capacity and killed 17 out of the field.

His most recent beneficial service on the Nets helped get a road on the second night from behind to back, and # 39; finishing a 33-game team in that division that linked the NBA record and returned to December 21, 2015, in Chicago.

Spencer Dinwiddie # 8 from Brooklyn Nets will break its & # 39; member of New Knicks Knicks on 8 December 2018 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York
Spencer Dinwiddie had 25 pounds on the hill for the Brooklyn Nets

The Hollis-Jefferson Rondae received 20 points when the other Nets stopped the unnecessary capability of winning winners for their. the first time from winners over Phoenix and Denver in early November.

Enes Kanter na Knicks made 23 points and 14 concepts, but not enough to stop the third consecutive loss because they dropped to 8-19 for the season. The 10-18 nets.

Washington Wizards 101-116 Cleveland Cavaliers

witches cleveland nba


Major events on the Washington Wizards tour to Cleveland Cavaliers in a nine week of the NBA

Rookie Collin Sexton tied up with 29 points when Cleveland Cavaliers joined the Washington Wizards.

Tristan Thompson had a huge impact on 23 points and 19 revived when the light Cavaliers played the second one of the remainder in the back.

Alec Burks clarified 14 points for the Cavaliers who won four of their last ten games to improve 6-20 after having started very slowly to the season.

John Collins # 20 of Atlanta Hawks is closing to & # 39; Member against the Denver Nuggets on 8 December 2018 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Sexton Collin joined his position with 29 points against Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal scored 27 points, 17 Jeff and Otto Porter Jr. 15 was made to the Wizards, who won three straightforward.

John Wall returned after losing Wednesday's games in Atlanta for personal purposes, but was far from his best and left 0 out of the field and placed one point in 26 minutes.

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