NBA "Wal is the biggest witch tower. The player does not want to play with him – Zhongshi News


The announcement that the King's reign was overwhelmed, the highest resolution of his opponent's winners on the commercial platform, other teams dropped, and the then out of her & # 39; Wal-Ross Brooks head coach, almost all the team is in a state of collapse. Today, there are other scientists who say that not everyone is willing to play with a wall, it is the biggest cancer.

The illness with double Balla and Bill pounds is very weak, but this season has only paid 5 benefits and 11 losses, while the Far East has long been replaced the 11th, which many fans made feeling very unhappy

The famous journalist A Smith, the NBA, said today that the heroes are very fond of Brooks's main coach, but unfortunately he can not control his / her. wall, and often Wall does not care about Brooks's strategies. Come and guide us and the whole team.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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