NBA "Zhan Huanghao's brother, JR Smith, refused to buy a contract to leave the Cavaliers – China Times News


James' s great brother, J. Smith Smith, who was in Cleveland; confronted with the Cavaliers. He refused to buy it out and he asked the trading team. The team said Smith had left the team.

The current record of Cavaliers of 2 a & # 39; winning and 13 losses in the East Conference, Smith has a & # 39; Believe that the team has started to move, which can not be used; understand the bill, so it is expected that it will leave the team, but does not accept the team's request for its & # 39; purchase contract The trading team gave it.

Mac A 'Ghobhainn said, "I do not think their idea is to win, but they want to use the young people to get rid of and then lose , and finally they bring the lottery draft. "

Also, the Cavaliers say that both sides are officially involved, Mac will not send it to it; Smith again the Cavaliers again, but we still thank him for his contribution to the team over the last few years.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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