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I almost did not name this last night. I had a green book on a regular basis and then I put it on at the last minute. ARGH!

Best Film: Distribution
Best Director: Bradley Cooper, STAR A & # 39; CUR SÒRR
The best actor: Viggo Mortensen, LEABHAR GREEN
A best actress Lady Gaga, A STAR THERE
The Best Support Act: Sam Elliott, State Builders
The best support actor: Regina King, IF EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE
Best Writing Screen: Paul Schrader, FIRST SESSION ON DEVELOPMENT
Best Written Script: Barry Jenkins, IF THE EVENT BEALE STREET
Best Animated Feature: INFORMATION 2
Additional Performance: Thomas McKenzie, NOT THAT
Best Management Debate: Bo Burnham, OCHD-OCHD GRADE
Best Foreign Language Film: SGEUL
Best Report: RBG
Best collection: CRAZY RICH ASIANS
William William Everson Film History Award: OTHER OTHER EITHERS AND THE OILS & # 39; I LOVE MY YOU FATHER
NBR Freedom Response Award: 22 JULY
NBR Freedom Response Award: ON THE ISLANDS

Top Films (in alphabetical order)

Theang of Buster Scruggs
Black Panther
Can you have my best?
Eighth level
First reform
If the Could Talk Beale Street is
Mary Poppins description
A quiet place
A Born Star

The 5 major foreign films (in alphabetical order)

The Guilty
Blessed as Lazzaro
Shop Shops

Top 5 Documents (in alphabetical order)

Crime + Penalty
Free of charge
Minding the Gap
Three Image Strangers
Are you a neighbor?

The 10 independent films (in alphabetical order)

Death of Stalin
Follow Pete
Unsuccessful leave
The Old Person & The Gunn
The Rider
Sorry to worry you
Our animals are
You have never been always here


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