NBU officially identified the bankruptcy of the VTB Bank


The Ukrainian Bank of Ukraine brought the Ukrainian daughter of the Russian VTB Bank into the segment of unavoidable, after the temporary administration of a financial institution. This is reported on the NBU website.

"Due to the reduction in the success of the JSC VTB Bank and the last year's financial situation, the NBU, on November 13, 2018, gave the VTB Bank JSC to A division of problems. At the same time, the deadline was set for the financial institution of a plan of agreement to comply with the requirements of the legislation, due to the lack of real activities with proprietors of the VTB Bank to prevent antisocial -belief, as well as due to lack of funding and reasonable measures to improve clarity. On November 27, the NBU decided to classify the VTB Bank JSC class as a solution, "said the NBU in a statement.

The National Bank notes that 97% of banking offers, with 59,108 individuals, and # 39; Receive all of the investments, as the amount obtained by the UAH property does not exceed 200,000 of Profit Benefit. Larger investments will be reimbursed within the special interest.

According to NBU, the bankruptcy of VTB Bank will not affect the sustainability of the Ukrainian banking department. Remember the bank has been in financial trouble since the beginning of November. He stopped payments and hindered money. And already On 6 November, the last VTB Bank stopped in Ukraine.

VTB asset was arrested by the Ukrainian court at the Igor Kolomoisky suit. Le Databases "in the" Bank " The Russians decided to save it, because its assets are not as big as other Russian subsidiary companies in Ukraine – Sberbank and Prominvest.

At the end of November, with the decision of the Appeals Court, VTB allowed Bankruptcy to demolish the Ukrainian daughter. However, the VTB Group today, on November 27th, has maintained its & # 39; An application should be made to obtain an international court for expenses from the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for the purchase of the Ukrainian bank in 2006 on the basis of Mriya Bank.

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