NBU showed the fact that the Ukrainian market was unprofitable


National Bank of Ukraine They published a report on the market of the payment cards and non-cash transactions in the first three quarters of 2018.

According to the regulator, non-cash payments 44.3% of the total number of items with Ukrainian bank cards. This is 2.8 billion. Last year, 5% were smaller. The amount of non cash money was over 2 trillion UAH. These figures rose by 27.2% and 38.5%, respectively. Also in the NBU they gave statistics for the last 8 years, – recites AIN.UA.


The majority, 1.1 billion, or 51.7% of the accounts, and # 39; describes sales chains. Ukrainians have spent over 902 billion dollars in this way. Most of them are all – online.

  • internet calculations – 312 billion;
  • Transactions between cards – 300.7 billion;
  • calculations in retail chains – 267.8 billion;
  • ATM operators and boundaries – 22.2 billion

Besides, with the help of Ukrainian carts, we worked for 26 billion


In the NBU report they liked more pay cards. Their number in revenue increased by 1.3% to 60.6 million units. Of those, 36.6 million units are active, 5.1% more than at the beginning of 2018. 3.6 million cards can work in a non-verbal manner, but this section grew more active, with 31.4 %.

MasterCard carries the carts' market management. This payment system has 24.9 million cards. Visa – 11.3 million units, the "Prostir" National Pay System – 0.4 million. In the number and number of MasterCard jobs, also in the first instance, which includes 70.2% of the market for each indicator. Most of the cards were distributed by PrivatBank, Oshadbank and Aval Bank Raiffeisen, data was not correct.


Also in Ukraine, the number of boundaries is growing (+ 12.1% – to 282,000 units), but the number of ATMs has a number; I enjoyed (- 0.7% – to 18.5,000 units). Now there are 6.7 boundaries per thousand people. In Kiev, the highest number is 17.8. every 1000 people. Even in the NBU, it is noted that three quarters of the Ukrainian border (78.7% or 207.3 000 units) support unpaid payments and, therefore, Apple payroll services Pay and Google Pay.

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