NCB Detects Installing Statement on a Savings Account for more …


06:12 PM

Sunday 17 February 2019

Manal wrote:
Yahya Abul Fotouh, former chairman of the National Bank of Egypt, said the bank had decided to settle the interest on its savings account and deposits during the ALCO Sunday meeting.
"The bank has decided to settle the interest for further investigation and to account for the cost of imposing its bank due to the size of the burden on deposits," said Abu Al-Futouh in statements private.
He said that a bank would Hold another ALCO meeting briefly to decide on flat rates after cutting the central bank.
The main bank decided to cut interest rates by 1% last year, to 15,75% on investments and 16% on loan.

The National Bank of Egypt (NCB) held three three-year savings certificates with a fixed rate fixed at a rate of 15%. The dividend is paid per month or 15.25% will be paid every three months.

The 1% energy rate reduction on three-satellite certificates is variable to record 16% instead of 17% for the quarterly season to be paid for three years.

The bank will divide its & # 39; saving account in a sliding system for each section with a different level of interest. The bank does not accept any interest on its & # 39; saving account of less than three thousand pounds.

The first (3001 to 5 thousand pounds) is a & # 39; monthly interest of 8.6%, or quarterly 8.7%, or 8.8% annually, or 9% annually.
The second division (5001 to 100 thousand pounds) gives a level of monthly interest of 9.3%, 9.4% quarterly, 9.5% annually, or 9.75% annually.
The third installment (100 miles to 500 miles) is a monthly interest of 10%, or 10.1% per quarter, or 10.25% annually, or 10.5% annually.
The fourth section (500 thousand pounds and more), is a monthly interest of 10.7%, or 10.8% quarterly, or 10.95%, or 11.25% annually.

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