Nearer the railway, the man died


Tuesday, November 27, 1818 16:24 PM (GMT + 7)

Seeing the person who pass through the fence to the railway when the train goes on to the people shouting, just stopping it; failed.

Cliff to the railway, a man died - 1

The police are present at the scene

On the afternoon of November 27, the Police in District 3, Ho Chi Minh Town still have a look at the scene, and # 39; investigate the cause of death of people in the area.

The first information, at noon on the same day, saw people who were in the same day. living near the north – south (Ward section 11, Area 3), the person passing through the fence to the railings while & The train is beautiful. warning, caution

Nearer the railway, men will die - 2

Railway department staff cooperated with the authorities to clarify the event

When the trains ran to the south end, people moved to the search site to find the victim on the fence, and many injured their body.

Find the report, the police present their case, and # 39; giving evidence from witnesses.

His lover was lover, and then fought with the train

In anger, Ngoc with a knife on his knees. Th. to threaten. Then, Ngoc moved behind the house and turned on the street.

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