Nearly 12,000 students were studying or assisted in 2018 (Minister)


Dakar, November 26 (APS) – 119,477 students benefited from scholarship or support in 2018, confirmed on Monday, in Dakar, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Mary Teuw Niane.

At national level, "94,061 students benefited from the university's population, 4160 in the private sector and 27,749 received aids," he said when a budget was reviewed; ministerial year for fiscal year 2019,.

According to Mary Teuw Niane, students with a "disability" will receive as soon as they are "in".

In addition, a "unique scholarship" has been given to all blind students who have received a foreign order, subject to submission of the application in a while, said Niane.

According to the Minister of Higher Education, there is also a question about homes that have a " replaces a "private place" in its department's social policy.

He also said that the ability of the University of Cheikh Anta Dipp (UCAD) Dakar has doubled. "From 2012 to 2018, 5800 beds were brought to the University," said Mary Teuw Niane.

He also recalled the revival of some of the amphitheater and buildings, as well as the "revision of senior teacher retirement pensions", sharing tasks.

"Now, a university professor resigns to receive 70% of his last total salary," he said, Identify the creation of its Provision Fund for Higher Education to establish the position of staff; have gone.

In terms of degree entrepreneurship, Màiri Teuw Niane commented on the creation of a new professional translation between 2013 and 2018.

As well as creating a guardian at each university, the Higher Education Ministry has set up the Youth Innovation Program (PSEJ) for Bachelors of Diploma "Bac +2 or more height ".

In terms of debt that may be to private higher-level centers, prove that the billions that the state might need on these structures, "3 billion were paid, another 3 will be paid in the coming days to be brought back to 10 billion" . CFA francs.

He also referred to a "true conversation" made by the heads of those private institutions, in particular because he believes that both parties receive their account in their partnership connecting them.

In this regard, he said, from 2014, that the state paid "more than 31 billion" CFA francs to private universities. He promised that parliamentarians would give information about these payments.

The minister has asked the private higher education centers to demonstrate understanding, and # 39; Return to the proportion of students who are returning to pay their education fees.

It showed that 47,427 new graduates were sent to private higher education institutions from 2013 to 2018.

The state is "paying" for all undergraduate students, a sum of 400,000 CFA francs annually, "said he, saying that only 10% of these students have a degree on the choose for a masters degree. At this stage, all students receive up to 600,000 CFA francs each year per student.

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