Nearly 2,000 human bacteria previously identified were identified


Nearly 2,000 types of previously recognized gut bacteria have been found in the humanitarian case, according to a new study. The findings were made by researchers with Wellcome Sanger Institute and the European Biochemistry Institute, where the team identified almost 2,000 types of computer and computer usage. The new gene baked bacteria are not known to the cultures in a laboratory at this time.

It is a mystery that still contains a human gut bacteria; appear. There are a number of more and more and more investigations; Gut bacteria link with a variety of health benefits and potential health outcomes, and these colonies are shaped by antibiotic and human diet. Many scientists still want to learn about the microbiotic stick, and include the types found in it.

According to a survey published today Nature, researchers used computer-based methods for analyzing specimens taken from humans across the globe. These tools allowed researchers to verify what the bacteria species have; at present without being cultured in a surgery.

One day work could come to something like a "snapshot" of human droplets, but work is still underway. According to the researchers, pine bacteria are different across the globe, and there is still a lack of samples outside European and North America. Speaking about this was Rob Finn, Director of the EMBL-EBI Group, who said:

We see many of the birch species that are infected; Growth up in the data from the populations of Europe and North America. However, the South African and African data databases that we received for this study revealed that diversity was not present in the old numbers. This includes that a collection of data from non-represented numbers is essential if we want to provide a very comprehensive picture of a script; human bone.

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