Nearly 30,000 people signed up the change of trip trip


Nearly 30,000 people supported the general protection view of the change of the Natural and Landscape Protection Act during the petition.

Juraj Rizman's name from Via Iuris. Environment Minister, László Sólymos (Most-Híd), however, said he liked it. "I'm glad there are so many people who care about the nature of Slovakia," wrote on the social network.

The defendant does not like to mention that his / her ministry is praised; Expects that state parks in national parks under the Nature State Protection (SRP) of the SR will move from January 2022, not earlier. They want to shorten two years for two years.

They would also welcome the fact that the prohibition related to forestry management in protected areas (such as disqualifying out of second level) would not as far as the current management programs in the woods pay off. They also propose prohibition on fishing or fish hunting from the fourth protection level.

Landlords want to download change

WWF Slovakia, the Nature Conservation Institute, the BROZ, SOS / BirdLife, and the MY SME LES Initiative also expressly express that the law is worthy of nature and landscape protection, but it is not a # 39; dealing with landscape protection.

So they recommend that they provide for the protection of the landscape from interventions that will reduce its historic and natural value. SOP SR was also monitored. The Defense Defense House attracted attention to the lack of protection of the Wednesday landscape.

Although the enterprise groups are behind a big idea, the bill is welcoming, the landlords want to be withdrawn. "Such a change has been prepared inappropriately, without proper debate, expressing the real importance of special habitats of the Socoa country with major climate change – livelihoods, strong winds and suburbs breeding of all the conifer woodland communities in the country ", the Swedish Union of Slovenia Writers, Milan Ovseník.

The owner also prevents the change to & # 39; retaining their legal status, in their opinion, to prevent the right building. "The only suggestion is that Slovakia has an adverse effect on the formal call of the European Commission," says Ovseník. Accordingly, it was based on a number of complaints that NGOs introduced from Slobhacia in 2016 and 2017.

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