Nearly 4 out of 10 in Metro Vancouver are seeing the unique buildings business as & # 39; very tough & # 39;


Increase property prices, show that there are endangered behavioral behaviors and new contracts; organized crime link to the buildings section set out on Metro Vancouver.

New research by the Canadian non-corruption group, Transparency International, focuses on the ideas of West Canada's corruption, and the results of the investigation suggest that much of the department has decided that the estate business has major problems.

In fact, 37 per cent of Vancouver's Vancouver respondents commented on the division as "very hard". That is compared to just 15 per cent of other western plaids.

A secret police survey can detect that crime networks may have been in & # 39; over $ 1B through Vancouver homes in 2016

"These prices have created good opportunities for informal behaviors with large-scale household agents, with rivalry struggles representing both buyers and potential retailers to be able to manage ineffective and lack of prominence, "a & # 39; read the report.

"Although these practices have led to new rules and government governance, allegations of rivalry struggles still face them against the Vancouver politics and the estate industry."

The residents of the area are not the only ones who see pollution in the area.

RESPONSIBLE: How organized crime groups use money suspected of drugs in B.C. real estate

Global News has recently received a secret police information report that contributed more than $ 1 billion worth of Vancouver property ownership business in 2016 to a Chinese organized crime.

These blueprinting businesses are believed to have better connections with casino cash taxes and their clients; trading and including fentanyl, which helped to & # 39; opioid B.C. emergency surgery

Vancouver says the board needs to be open to black business

An B.C. the government has investigated links made between the financing and prioritization of the estate industry this year, which was senior adult Mountie Peter German to investigate the & # 39; case and launch anonymous port.

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Among the conclusions of the other report, only 51 per cent of the western Canadians were to see pollution as an important factor, although their Most recommend that they are & # 39; Supporting some of the measures to fight, as a report of pollution or a; using social media to disseminate information.

The report also concluded that regional and federal politicians were able to see the Westians as the most pollute, although urban politicians, civil servants, courts and police were seen as weak.

Two Coast Traders reported a fine on B.C. advice in one week

"The media and the independent agencies are the most reliable parts of the conflict of corruption, and these areas are also seen as being a pollution among the options available for their & This question, "said the report.

"The Government and private sector leaders have the least confidence in the fight against corruption."

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Speaking at the launch of the report on Thursday, an expert against corruption Daniela Chimisso dos Santos said that it is important for the public to recognize that he is not a victim of crime; in corruption.

Chimisso dos Santos said that corruption could be a breach of human rights and, ultimately, to the most vulnerable people in society who experience the worst effects of corruption.

The survey was carried out in August 2018 from a sample of 1,207 residents in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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