Need for protection to be given to children


The Ministry of Health, Population and the Hospital Reform reaffirmed the need to give children immunization against measles, in line with the national calendar, while stressing “ t immunity in all health. In reporting an epidemiological outbreak of measles, the Ministry of Health reports that the first dose of the vaccine (MMR) occurs at 11 months of age and the second is aged 18 months, mourning that that is In January 2019, some cases have been reported as relatively acute by measles. These are children under one year of age and, as such, they are not yet entitled to vaccination, as well as adults, the store says, which are strongly advocating "steps to avoid contact with patients with healthy people." "The registered families are" average family ". "All the necessary steps to address these segregated issues have been taken in the framework of the plan as a national response," said the department.
Although under pressure is caused by "measles" there may be a serious problem with which children could die without food, "the Ministry of Health wants:" Only a vaccine can 'suppress spread This disease, to be considered as the "most worrying" diseases in babies and young children. “To give your child a vaccine it wants to protect and protect other people," it decides.

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