Nelson Nelson takes the Florida Hedge Race to Rick Scott


The results of the competition match for the competition commissioner Nikki Fried, Democrat, will be ahead of Matt Caldwell, Republican, with 6,753 votes, or 0.08%. In Sunday's statement, Ms. Fried, who is the only democrat who was elected to a statewide statewide office in Florida, thanked Mr Caldwell, who has still agreed.

"It is now now that we will come together and work together to govern the people of Florida," said Ms. Fried. She campaigned an unimportant platform for making medical marijuana more accessible and stronger to obtain hidden weapons licenses.

The Senate's fight was fought from the beginning. Although Mr Nelson, 76, was a three-time career, Mr. Scott, 65, was a senior officer in the previous hospital, finishing his second term as a ruler. There was no rightplace, Mr Nelson, who was first elected to the House of State in 1972, particularly encouraging the young, advanced, democratic foundation, and never seemed comfortable to take care

Mr Scott, for his part, was very careful to travel by Mr Trump in an election that turned enormously to voters; laments for current administration. Over his eight years as a ruler, he also contributed a measure of Tea Party's consistency to move to more fierce actions on guns and immigrants. But he accepted the beautiful style of Mr Trump after the Election Day, when he came to protest a hardship claim that no one could prove.

Several of the Republican in Florida were connected to Mr Scott who believed the health care operator's ability He has previously been a member of a statutory body where he has no active authority. Mr Scott is still actively involved in the details of Florida management – and was specially immersed in the & # 39; The process of creating a list of conservation judges for three vacancies on the highest court of the state, and his follower, Mr DeSantis.

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