Nenad Aleksic's wife, who dies very much, influencing it with Dragan Mitar!



10/22/2019. 22:54


Ivana, Picture: Screenshoot Youtube

After feeling that Nenad Aleksić Ša gu Dragan Mitar was feeling emotional, his wife Ivana met musicians in the Eden Garden. Their event was very emotional. They shouted together, and Ivana now found that the whole situation affected by Dragan MitarIn the end Of course, she was frightened and lost five kilos because of her arrest.

– There's nothing happening right now, thank God. It seems to me that the situation has also declined, so I hope that the situation will be on that side, "said Ivana at the beginning. She looked like he was looking at Nenad when he visited him in the # 39; government.

– Chrath me before I went into the yard, but I must say that I never saw him shouting for the last five years. After that, I was disturbed, I still did not miss it, this is not easy, "said Ivan with her legs inside. She said she was struggling to look at her husband in the government as long as the matter was to Dragan Mitar.

– I'm sure that this is a game that can not be done. communicate with the person involved, and with him, but it has been reduced so small. I hope it and I think it's a game; In total, "said Nenad's wife.

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