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Robert Kubica suffered a serious disaster for eight years and almost died. Next year Williams will be tested.

Over the last few weeks, it was clear that Robert Kubica was likely to return to a rapid circus after eight years, The 33-year-old Polish driver could return one of Williams' cars in 2019 until Thursday.

Kubica was debated in Formula One in summer 2006, and Jacques Villeneuve replaced Hungaroring. His first run was seventh, and this would have been two points if the Sauber-BMW had not dropped out of the race after that. With two races later in Monza, he was already on the third stage of the podium, because he had contracted with Sauber in 2007. The most sophisticated tour of his season was a terrible event in Canada, but in a brilliant way, almost he was not badly missed by his & her; his car had fallen.

Due to his disaster, he had to lose one race, and in 2018 it was first launched in Canada after three podium finals. Later on, he can stand up to the & # 39; podium three times more and complete it on the fourth year. Kubica in 2009 with the BMW was not really weak, but Renault was seeing him in vain and at risk of replacing Ferrari by Fernando Alonso. He took two photiums in the war, and in February 2011, He is the fastest in the first Valencian test. As soon as it appeared, he had already agreed with Ferrari, but as we know, he had never done Maranello's driver.

A few days after a Valencian test, he started spending in a small Italian rally, where he suffered a great disaster. There was a helicopter for Kubica, but he lost so much of his blood that he had left away from the hospital. "Talk to the parents of the man," he answered physically while he was in a while; measure their situation.

The life of his pilot was saved, but his right hand had to be circulated. If someone else was lying on her & # 39; A working record, they would definitely be done, but finally his arm was completely destroyed, he disappeared.

After a long revival, he started in rally competitions, and in 2017 he decided to return to the king's division. He was physically fit and unfit with the F1 chance of his former team of Renault. A French team saw a lot of danger in Poland, trying to try to do it later. He seemed to have been able to return to an early circus, but instead of the last installment stack, he named Sergei Szirotkint. The Kubica test driver was still in the Williams status, and although his arm or right behind his command wheel is more than just insurance, he has made better results than Szirotkin.

The Kubica situation has been greatly enhanced because the team's superb results are the Russian pilot support team to move their Euro millions elsewhere. "We did not allow the Williams Martini Racing team in Formula One. At the beginning of the season, we were uncomfortable with the team's performance and the pace of improvement was not sufficiently adequate," said Boris Rotenberg, head of SMP races.

From William until the end of the season, the Martini and Stroll family will leave, so managers instead of the salary they lost elsewhere. Szirotkin gave a steel of 15-17 million euros this year, and Kubica has made it clear that PKN Orlen, a "Polish" company, is "only" supporting 10 million of its supporters.

"I thank all for my help and help me in this difficult time of my life. It was a great fight to Return to One Formula, but it seemed like it was impossible for the first time, but now it's possible again, "Kubica started. "I think to return to one of my biggest achievements and I'm sure we will be able to motivate the team with hard work and commitment to achieve good outcomes, "said Kubica, who was said that Ferrari had been contracted for a long-term development situation. However, Poland has chosen to & # 39; Improve most of the most vulnerable car in its area.

It's not just a rented place

Kubica had only one place to sell for the 2019 season, as Force India had no official certainty yet, Lance Stroll was not a Sergio Pérez team. Toro Rosson, where Brendon Hartley is currently unsure, is not the same place, so it is compelling who can afford to return to Danyiil Kvjat.

Return after a long time

Kubica will be able to compete for F1 at the season to open the Australian Grand Prix at 8 years, 4 months and 3 days, and leaving only four (Jan Lammers, Luca Badoer, Pete Lovely and André Pilette) to return to the tourism circus. However, they all started a pilot, but Kubica would Williams used for full season.

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