Netanyahu warns Arabian countries not to " refusal of the Trump report – Middle East report


The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks long & He is meeting with the Deputy Chief of the United States, Mike Pence

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks long & He is meeting with the Deputy Chief of the United States, Mike Pence in Warsaw, Poland, 14 February 2019.
(credit credit: REUTERS / KACPER PEMPEL)


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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Arab countries not to stop Trump's peace plan before being given.

Netanyahu's views to Arab leaders at the Warsaw-wide conference last week were released on a secret failure, on a Sunday morning with KAN News.
"We will try to see what the plan will look like that after the elections of Israel," said Netanyahu. "As you can think, that's a bit of my time now. We are waiting to show that plan.

"I do not think that anybody of us should reject the government with American administration before it has even been given," he continued.

Netanyahu was talking about her & her; Palestine-Israeli conflicts in that one meeting. He told Arab leaders that Israel knew that there was a single-way street in peace.

"In terms of Israel's peace or normalization with a wider global world, we need to have peace Israel and Palestine," he said. "Since there was no peace, we did not stop any choices."

But the prime minister said that this is changing.

"Indeed, it is true, if you make progress and have a peaceful peace with Palestinians, it will help us with the Arab world, and I could say it to parts of the Muslim world," he said. "Greater peace can be achieved. When we meet Arab leaders and we will talk about promoting the ability to move in the Middle East, to go abroad to countries in the East Intermediate, to have economic relationships, that contributes to the achievement of peace and Israel-Palestinian peace, "PM said.

Saudi Arabian Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, responded that a solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict will continue to significantly "to reduce the feelings and situation to co-operate more stronger for countries in the region. "

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